EnschedeLAB Community Space

Bison code: L.28326

EnschedeLAB is a collaboration between four knowledge institutes and the city of Enschede, set up with the purpose to bring students and city together. EnschedeLAB collects societal challenges to address in educational projects – and we have set up our own nano-challenge approach in which mixed teams of students learn to use the ‘Responsible Futuring’ method to come to solutions for complex issues. Apart from that, we are looking for other ways to connect students to the city and challenges of Enschede. One of the possible approaches in that is to empower students to be a catalyst for citizen initiatives in Enschede neighbourhoods. Or, in a broader sense: to set up and run a physical ‘EnschedeLAB’ where citizens, professionals, researchers, students and whoever can play a role work together and help each other out with whatever they are struggling with. From tax questions to complex challenges, from business plans to event support. It would be amazing to ‘make’ a place like that: physically, in the city (outside schools), student-run, valuable for ‘Enschedeërs’.

As EnschedeLAB ends March 2022 (in the current setup), we would like a ‘plek’ to be one of the follow-up activities and are looking for a student-team that can help think out (or already set up) everything that is needed to do so. What could a ‘plek’ offer to whom? Which students / educational institutes / studies should be involved, and how? How will that work and how do we run that place? What would be a viable business model? And what are the necessary steps to take to really get this off the ground? There are several examples in other cities, we have a few places in mind that might be suitable, and in the last few months several student(team)s have already contributed to this ‘challenge’. Now it’s time to get it up and running. Will you help us do so?

Cluster: Managing Buildings