Innovative and smart shelter tents for disaster relief

Post-disaster reconstruction and recovery are complex and entail many challenges for the affected communities as well governments.

When disaster strikes, the need for short-term housing is immediate and urgent. Disaster relief shelters play a vital role in large-scale disasters and are an important part of disaster response and recovery.

These shelters are used to provide private and secure places for people to live who have left or lost their usual accommodations as a result of some form of disaster (e.g. earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis or war situations, among many others). Also, these shelters not only provide immediate and short-term shelter for the victims of a disaster, but they help them to recover from the trauma of a disaster as well as provide a base to start the process of rehabilitation. Victims of disasters, refugees facing violence and poverty, and displaced people who are unable to return home all rely on emergency and interim shelter. Well-planned and executed shelter facilities can ease the transition from pre-disaster life to post-disaster life for people worldwide, in alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Within the research project RAAK PRO HiTex, a large group textile and ICT companies are researching and developing new solutions for ’embedded technical and smart textiles’, together with researchers, professors, and students from Saxion and Fontys. The aim is to research on new textile functional materials and electronic components that can be integrated directly and precisely within this textile carrier, enabling them advanced and smart features to interact in and with the environment. The result: an innovative multi-layer robust textile-based solution that enables functionalities such as lighting, heating and sensing in products such as flexible photovoltaic panels, adaptive sunscreens, smart carpets and smart tents. By joining this Saxion Smart Solutions project, you will be part of this great research project initiative! As a group, you will not only develop an innovative demonstrator that provide insights into the practical application of embedded smart and functional textiles, but also assess durability and sustainability aspects, screen market opportunities, assess production costs, and develop a business case.

The focus in this Smart Solutions Semester project assignment is on the topic innovative and smart shelter tent solution for disaster relieve. The idea is to develop and integrate a cost effective and modular solution which provides safe and innovative tent solutions like external communications (i.e. panic/help button, status reporting), sensing capabilities (i.e. temperature, smoke/fire, Co2 ), integrated illumination, power and renewable energy management (i.e. integrated solar panels, lightweight battery solutions, equipment recharging ports ) as well as advanced functional textile materials ( i.e. weather resistant, harsh environments, lightweight ), providing a modular and resilient plug and play shelter solution.

Cluster: Textiel en slimme technologie

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):