Sustainable Multi-Year Maintenance Planning

Bison code: L.28322

Do the following things excite you?: Complex puzzles, data analysis and making a contribution to a sustainable future for one of the biggest Facility departments in the region? And do you want your work to actually be used in a professional environment which is professionalizing at a rapid pace?

Then this is your challenge!

Goal: Regarding to all Saxion maintenance: Minimizing risk and a steady cash-flow, by giving (Facility Services Organisation (FSO) the ability to act agile based on one central management tool which contains all of Saxion assets and makes maintenance predictive (data driven) based on the following 4 main themes:

  • Sustainability
  • Quality
    • Customer satisfaction
  • Efficiency of the process
    • Data & report generation that fuel continuous improvement
    • Scheduling & managing maintenance work
  • Cost (TCO)

The project contains two steps:

I – Analyses

II – Advice

I, a

The first step is a spending analysis of the last 5 years of Saxion FSO (yearly budget +/- €30mio), with the goal to distinguish all costs affected by maintenance. Approximately 30% of the is related to capital spending, the rest is assumed to be related to maintenance, currently managed by different parts of the Saxion organization without the ability to be easily overseen.

I, b

The second step is a ‘business ecosystem analysis’. How do other schools/educational organizations manage their maintenance? And companies with comparable yearly expenses? What do consultancy firms advise, et cetera.

I, c

The following step is a desk research concerning quality management and (widely used) standards.

I, d

Research amongst employees of Saxion (stakeholders in the maintenance process within different layers of the organization) have to take place, answering the question ‘What is the desired quality level for the different distinguished categories and why?’


Finally, it is the goal to form an advice containing all products/conclusions gathered in step 1, containing which steps Saxion FSO has to take first (low hanging fruit) in order to reach their goal.

Cluster: Managing Buildings

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):