Digital Storytelling in Málaga

Bison code: L.28321

The aim of the project is to design a (online) platform for digital storytelling for HerMálaga (a project of the TUI Care Foundation for Flavours of Málaga), which focusses on the stimulation of sustainable tourism in Málaga in general, and specifically on the development of female entrepreneurship in the city.

In the past, student projects have laid the foundations for the development of the platform and the aim of this project is the actual realisation of the digital storytelling platform.

The digital storytelling platform should enable a connection between the local activities of female entrepreneurs (supply) and holidaymakers (demand). It should also allow marketeers to promote a destination by telling a story and tourists to share their experiences (user generated stories). It is important that the local community recognizes itself within this digital storytelling and that the platform functions as an instrument to keep the community, including female entrepreneurs, engaged and together.

In addition, the online storytelling platform should offer the  ability to combine (spoken) text and visuals like pictures, infographics and videos, depending on the demands from the different target groups.

The stories can contain historical, cultural, social, architectural and gastronomic aspects of the city to attract holidaymakers, as well as inspire (future) female entrepreneurs in Málaga. In order to do this, students will have to design the optimal story (including e.g. characters, setting, storyline, plot etc.) as well as a communication strategy for the different target groups. Finally, after realisation of the digital platform, the students will recommend how to maintain the platform with the help of local stakeholders and design a fitting stakeholder management plan of the platform.

Cluster: Storytelling and Visualisation 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):