Interactive product configuration for pre-fabricated renovation packages

Bison code: L.28319

The Dutch construction industry is currently working intensely on automating and industrializing the production of renovation packages which integrate highly insulated wall and roof panels with renewable energy generation systems such as heat pumps and pv panels. However, to successfully market the renovation packages, the customer wishes with respect to composition and aesthetics need to be taken into account from the beginning, which means the renovation packages need to be customized individually. To engage the customers early on, a digital configurator is needed which allows the customers to virtually experience the renovation packages applied to their home before the design is sent-off to feed the production process in the factory. In this project, you will work with one of the leading companies in the field, Buro De Haan BV, to develop and prototype a configurator that enables the customers to define their wishes and demands with respect to aesthetics and functionality.

What are the pros and cons of available prototypical configurators to supportĀ  decision making of customers? Which additional functions are necessary to implement in order to increase the attractiveness for potential client groups?

Cluster: Building and Technology