Automation of repetitive tasks at building site for building renovation

Bison code: L.28318

Future Factory is a project subsidized by the Ministry of RVO, in which a group of 8 leading companies, 3 universities of applied sciences, 2 universities and group of others organisations work together on the industrialized production of integrated renovation packages. The partners work together based on their specialization. There are already 5 factories in the Netherlands, but the aim is to realize one or more new smart factories in a few years’ time. According to the Industry 4.0 principle, complete renovation packages are made at 60% of the current price to completely renovation to net-zero and natural gas-free homes. The homes generate sufficient sustainable energy to meet the (small) energy demand of these highly insulated homes on an annual basis.

For building insulation, tailor-made exterior wall panels are made in the factory, which already contain the windows and doors. One of the challenges for the coming period is to integrate as much as possible (sustainable) technology in the panels, e.g. the heat pump and the ventilation system. This involves the consideration of two aspects, firstly the production in the factory and secondly the assembly on-the construction site, on-site mounting.

This project is about on-site mounting. In current practice, the costs related to production in the factory and on-site-mounting are about the same (50/50). For cost reduction and the reduction of nuisance for residents, who continue to live in the home during the renovation, the work on and in the homes must be significantly reduced. In previous projects we have mapped all activities on the construction site and developed (first) ideas for the automation of repetitive tasks for time-consuming activities. But we need more solutions.

This assignment mainly concerns the further automation of on-site activities. We want to move as many activities as possible from the construction site to the factory. Depending on your preliminary desk research, you will explore a limited number of prototypes in consultation with the companies.

Cluster: Building and Technology