Cluster: Create Smart Business

Using the website and, we want to develop new online international business for interior sales (example: The two domain names and the idea are the only parts that are concrete, the entire set-up of the business will have to be set up from scratch. We want to give ourselves, entrepreneurs, and their products a platform in which all additional aspects of internet sales are arranged.

For a good idea of the possibilities of the new business, a lot of insights are needed from many aspects. We would like to mention a few topics below which have to be addressed:

• Market research will have to be carried out. Which products from whom and for whom are successful?
• Marketing will have to consider how a website should be launched, how traffic can be generated and what is the best way of advertising?
• Which match can be made with (local) partners and customers? The wishes and expectations of both sides must be considered.
• What will the website look like? Which also requires an integration of stock, shipping, etc.
• How will the integration of administration go? Purchasing, debit card payments and shipping are topics.
• What about liabilities in the various European countries, what should we consider?
• What financial agreements can we reasonably make with the partners?
• Web design and development of the we website and underlying purchasing systems must be rolled out in concept