Recyling of compression stocking – towards circular economy

Bison code: L.28299

Bauerfeind is a family-run company steeped in tradition. The company is characterised by modern solutions in the field of medical aids, which enable an active life without painful complaints – whether with the aid of a bandage or an orthosis, medical compression stockings or orthopaedic orthoses.

The medical compression stockings are knitted from elastane and polyamide to ensure good compression properties. However, during the use period the materials lose tension and need to be replaced regularly. Bauerfeind is looking for possibilities to collect the used compression stockings and to make efficient use of the raw materials. Therefore, within this assignment you are asked to investigate strategies towards recycling of the materials, a system to motivate clients to return their used stockings and to find out how this could lead to an innovative circular business model.  Within this assignment you will collaborate closely with experts from Bauerfeind and Saxion.

Cluster: Circularity: Waste as Resource 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):