Box in a box

Bison code: L.28166

Currently, it is virtually impossible for young people to find a home for themselves. Properties that are for sale are very expensive and they need to wait for years if they want to rent a house. Therefore, it is remarkable that there are still many empty buildings in the Netherlands. It should be possible to use empty offices and industrial real estate to realize attractive housing for young people that want to buy or rent a place to live.

The innovation hub developed a new and innovative concept that can be used to realize modular houses in existing buildings. In this way, many new houses can be created in a relatively short time. The concept uses pre-fab boxes that can easily be assembled and disassembled, which are 100% sustainable and circular.

The prototype for this project is nearly finished. However, a lot of research is required before this solution can be used in practice. Issues that still need to be solved are for instance:

  • Which partners to use in the supply chain?
  • What customer segments would be interested in this type of house?
  • How can the social cohesion in a living community be supported?
  • Which materials should be used for the product when it gets into production?
  • How should the product be promoted/marketed?
  • Which locations would be interesting for this solution and what licences or changes in municipal zoning plans are required?

Cluster: Experience Buildings & Environment 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):