HiTex 3.0: Development of an innovative anti-theft IoT textile system

Bison code: L.28288

Textile companies have to innovate to enter a world that is increasingly dominated by Internet Of Things (IoT), Home Automation and other Smart products. International companies such as Nike and Adidas are picking up on this, but Google and Apple also have recent patents on circuits integrated in textiles. The future is smart, embedded and connected.

Within HiTex, a large group of textile and electronics companies are researching and developing new systems of ’embedded technical textiles’ with professors, researchers and students from Saxion and Fontys. The aim is that electronic components are integrated directly and precisely within this textile carrier, enabling them to communicate in and with the environment. The targeted result: robust multi-layer textiles that enable functionalities such as lighting, heating and sensing for interior and outdoor applications (smart carpets, smart curtains, smart tents, smart roofs, etc).

Prototyping is a central theme within Hitex. Important aspects include material and electrical component selection, connectivity to the outside world, power supply, system durability&reliability, and sustainability.

A strong connection is made with the application markets – as technical choices need to fit with end customers wishes.

By joining this Smart Solution Project, you will be part of this great multidisciplinary initiative! As a group, you will not only develop an innovative demonstrator that provides insights into the practical application of embedded smart textiles, but also assess market opportunities, assess production costs, and develop a business case.

The focus will be on a specific application area: textile based anti-theft solutions. These are systems that can detect when being opened, moved or damaged and signal it wirelessly to the outside world, e.g. via an app. An example is cargo protection in trucks by smart tarpaulins… but we challenge you to define other applications as well!

Cluster: Security & Evidence 1