Circular 3D printed product

Bison code: L.28314 (GT L.28315)

Context/current situation:

In some areas, plastic waste is a source of material which is not sufficiently put to use.

For example, artificial grass, rubber infill and other geosynthetic layers, generate a lot of plastic waste after their useful life. Currently there is a facility in the Netherlands that shreds these materials, and the resulting raw material is reused in bulky and simple products such as road reflectors.

Firstly, it would be interesting to see whether this raw material, or a combination of those raw materials, could be turned into high-quality filament for 3D printing, and secondly how new, high quality product designs could be created by using 3D printing technologies.

A new way of thinking is necessary in order to make new and circular products, for example for the healthcare industry (ultimately related to sports). Combined knowledge from different point of views are needed to succeed.

Problem statement: Discarded artificial grass produces a lot of recyclable material that is not used for the production of high-quality products.

Project or research goal: Understanding of the chemical and mechanical material properties from the recycled plastics. Find ways to 3D print this recycled material, and create new designs of high quality products.

Project results:

  • Material knowledge / test results of the recycled high-quality plastics
  • Examples of 3D printing tests results
  • 3D Designs of recycled plastics
  • 3D products for the chosen use case (healthcare, sports, and any other idea the team comes up with)

Cluster: 3D Printing

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):