Building with wood – Quality assessment of a fungal biofinish for wood protection

Bison code: L.28313

In this interdisciplinary project new technologies for the protection of wood for outdoor applications such as building facades will be further developed and monitored. Wood is treated with a protective and decorative coating based on linseed oil and the fungus Aureobasidium (called biofinish). This technology allows the use of sustainable wood without the need of harmful substances like biocides, creating a biobased building material. The biofinish protects wood against UV-radiation, wood-decay fungi and has self-repairing properties. Furthermore, it has advantages in fire protection. All these aspects influence the overall performance in the application. An important question in the development of the biological surface treatment for wood protection is therefore the quality and performance during outdoor exposure.

The aim of this project is the assessment of quality parameters such as dimensional stability, crack forming, moisture behaviour and development and adhesion of fungal growth on the surface during outdoor exposure. The effect of additional treatments like addition of (biological) fire retardants could be addressed as well.

Cluster: Bio-based Building Materials

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):