Cluster: Design for Health & Wellbeing 2

The research groups Industrial Design and Technology, Health & Care are working together to implement 3D printing in practice. One of the cooperation partners is Ziekenhuis Groep Twente (ZGT, in Hengelo and Almelo). When implementing 3D printing, there are not only technical challenges (can we tailor the product for patients, how do you get from idea to product), but also implementation challenges (what does this require from healthcare professionals in terms of competencies and change in their work). In this project, we want to set up a learning community (practice and education come together here) in which healthcare professionals and ZGT technicians work together with mbo and hbo students to implement 3D printing technology in practice. And to make it even more complex: we want to connect students from the technical study programmes with the care programmes. There is already existing cooperation around 3D printing, so we want to take this subject as our first case study. Would you like to contribute to the creation of such a learning community and help to take healthcare to the next step? Then we are looking for you!