SkinDream: Anti night sweating nightwear

Bison code: L.28308

SkinBreeze is a new textile technology that maintains the skin’s microclimate in the best possible way. The microclimate on the skin is a combination of temperature and humidity. SkinBreeze textiles consist of multiple layers that work together to help keep the skin cool and dry. It also reduces friction on the skin and helps distribute pressure. The top and bottom layers are carefully matched and may differ for each application.

The outer layer lies directly against the skin. This layer feels smooth, soft and cool to the touch and quickly absorbs moisture. The moisture spreads easily through this first layer so that the skin feels dry again. This smooth layer also provides less friction and therefore feels wonderfully soft.

The inner layer is a thicker 3D spacer fabric with an open structure that allows air to flow through. Because of this ventilating effect, the moisture is quickly removed from the first layer and evaporates. This provides a cooling effect.

Derived from medical development
The SkinBreeze textile technology, on which SkinDream bedding is based, was originally developed to help prevent bedsores. It soon became apparent that the properties of this textile also help tremendously in reducing the drawbacks of night sweats. For this reason, the special SkinDream bedding line was developed.


  • How to design and develop a SkinBreeze nightgown for women who suffer from night sweats?
  • How will the SkinBreeze technology work if there are two outer layers (one of the nightgown and one layer on the bedsheets ) in combination with the inner layer (3D spacer fabric)?
  • What does the night sweats market look like?