Create the ACT student journey of the future!

Bison code: L.28167

We welcome students who have an open mind, experience with customer journey theory and are able to think creatively.

“Saxion wants to be the best university of the Netherlands, preparing students and the field of work for the future. Get ready for a smart world! We do this with distinctive education and research, with an international perspective and in the Saxion way: enterprising, enthusiastic, collaborative, personal and daring. We translate technology into all professional profiles. And all courses are constantly adapted to the latest developments. The Saxion Education Model (SOM) is one of the strategic lines with which we want to realize this ambition. The starting point of SOM is to develop inspiring and future-proof education, which is distinctive and fits with the questions of tomorrow ( Currently Saxion is introducing the SOM (Saxion Onderwijs Model -Saxion Education Model) in the different academies.”

ACT is already quite advanced with the introduction of SOM and now would like to have a close look at her digital learning environment ( Blackboard, Teams, etc. etc.) with the aim to create a seamless match between the Saxion Education Model (SOM) and the supporting digital learning environment. Part of the digital learning environment can be upgraded by learning analytics. Intelligent use of learning analytics enhances the possibilities for personalized learning for students.

The academy is also very much interested in the introduction of learning communities within the academy. Learning communities are small communities of students who can learn and study together.

We are looking for enthusiastic and creative students who’d like to do research on these subjects from a students’ perspective. Together with you, we’d like to create students’ journeys and take that as a basis for the goals as  described below.

The overall goals for this project are:

– to come up with a widely supported proposal for an ACT-wide digital learning environment.

– a “white paper” on how learning analytics can enhance personalized learning within ACT, including

-a proof of concept (digital learning environment & learning analytics) for at least one module

-an ACT wide implementation proposal regarding learning communities.

Cluster: Future Education 2