Caregivers unburdened: Relaxation, vitality & resilience for carers

Are there other relevant parties that can or should be involved to make this project a success? Are you up for the challenge of keeping caregivers fit in a SMART way?

This project aims to devise fun and relaxing activities for informal carers and their loved ones, which also contribute to the health, vitality and resilience of informal carers. There is already a wide range of interventions; a first step is to provide insight into which interventions are available for informal caregivers (and their care recipients), with an in-depth look at how they are set up and what the (intended) effects are. We challenge you to then talk to the informal carers to collect their wishes and needs in the field of these activities. Since home care organizations play an important role in the implementation of the activities, it is also important to gain insight into their options.
We then want to challenge you to develop the activities together (in co-creation) with the carers and home care on the basis of the literature results and the conversations. In this way we increase the chance that the activities match the wishes, needs and possibilities of both the informal caregivers and the home care employees and thus the valuable impact of the intervention on the lives of the informal caregivers.

Cluster: Care at home

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):