Predicting Archaeology III

Bison code: L.28298

Archaeological research is an increasingly important part of the spatial development in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, research methods are old-fashioned and are often seized for trowel and shovel. In two previous SSS projects, we were able to look at new ways to predict what is in the subsurface without digging. The project from autumn 2020 focused on the first exploration, the project spring 2021 turned a complete castle upside down. In the project for autumn 2021, we join the second route but focus on the historic city centre of Groningen. With street-lidar as one of the sources to be used, we would like to make the border between above ground and underground disappear with you. With your creativity and knowledge and ability, we model the subsurface from the satellite data and add the archaeological subsoil from Antea Group. With you, we want to make the heritage of this proud city in the north visible in a way that has not yet been done. The data from more than 3 years of continuous archaeological research by Antea Group in Groningen is also available to you, but the focus in the project is precisely where above ground and subsoil meet at ground level!

Antea Group is an important player in the field of engineering and advisory services, and as part of this also carries out all phases of archaeological research.

Cluster: Remote Sensing and Soil Measurements 1