Data-analysis and development for climate change

Bison code: L.28297

Climate change is an urgent and political topic. One of the main aspects of climate change is dealing with droughts. Longer periods with less rain induce lower groundwater tables. Our region of east-Netherlands suffers from this. These lowering groundwater tables lead to drying out of agricultural crops and natural areas, land subsidence and problems with foundations of houses and infrastructure.

Antea Group consultancy & engineering and the research group BioNano and Soil and Underground of Saxion work together on research of these problems with groundwater and droughts. They are working on the development of groundwater sensors. In addition to this development, they are looking for students that want to work on the development of smart use of data, open data and data analysis for dealing with draughts. Central in this assignment are the following research questions:

  1. What climate issues are urgent in which the use of groundwater-data can play a role?
  2. Which data (open and closed) on groundwater is available to deal with these issues?
  3. Which other, non-groundwater data, can help to analyze these issues?
  4. Which data-analyzing methods are available to deal with these issues?
  5. How can these data and methods be used to deal with these issues?
  6. Which business cases can successfully be developed for this?

Cluster: Remote Sensing and Soil Measurements 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):