Cluster: Technology in Elderly Care

In Deventer, there are currently 6.730 people with a Turkish migration background, making it the largest non-Western community in the city. Similarly to the general trend in our country and city, this population can also be characterised as an ageing population. Factors related to lifestyle, the use of health and welfare services, and a higher level of prevalence of mental problems, negatively contribute to the health status of the Turkish older adults. These challenges require specific interventions aiming to improve the overall health and well-being of this group to ensure a healthy ageing population of Turkish people in Deventer. Methods such as action research and co-creation will be used to develop interventions that enable Turkish people to take control over their ageing process.

However, one thing in particular remains a challenge: Before we can explore their wishes and needs towards healthy ageing, we first have to build a relationship of trust. Therefore, we have to invest in a natural and respectful relationship by means of discovering, designing and conducting meaningful community based (eHealth) interventions / activities with them. Interventions or activities based on an exchange of talents (or cultural habits) of the target group, researchers and students of Saxion.

In your smart solutions project, strengths of this population have to be recognised and taken into account to build up a fruitful cooperation.