Creating online tutorials for soil engineers

A sustainable use of the soil is essential for our future. The soil contributes to the realization of various societal goals such as the energy transition, climate adaptation and biobased economy. The soil is also necessary for our food supply, drinking water and is the base of our living environment. As a result, soil professionals need to broaden and deepen their knowledge in this fast evolving field of expertise. The client developed a platform that combines and shares practical knowledge and expertise about the soil in a contemporary way. The current curriculum will be expanded in the coming years. This is done based on the needs from the professional field and educational institutions.
As a result of the broadening field of expertise of the soil professional, the number of professionals working in this field who do not have a basic education or background is increasing. This predominantly technical field of work can therefore be complex and difficult to understand to non-soil students, trainees or switching professionals. We would like to change that by developing online introduction tutorials.
We want to know how to explain the complex and difficult to understand soil system to young professionals of varying disciplines in a contemporary and attractive way and we think that you, as a student, know the needs of your fellow students and recent graduates better than anyone. This enables you to bridge the gap between your expertise on the soil system and the need to be informed and inspired.
We expect you to create a project plan for the production of one of the tutorials. This project plan will be discussed with experts in online education and soil professionals. After implementation of the feedback a first draft of the tutorial can be made that fits the format and program of requirements delivered by the client. Subsequently, the tutorial will be tested by a peergroup and after the testing phase the tutorial can be finalized and published.
In the online tutorials that have to be developed, a subject of your choice will be explained, providing insight into the most important components and presenting this in an attractive way. The tutorial will be made digitally available on the platform. Support for the students will be provided the client and its partners.

Tutorials on the following topics are needed:
– Introduction to sustainable soil management
– Introduction to the genesis of the Dutch landscape
– Introduction to the soil-water system
– Introduction to soil and energy transition
– Introduction to soil and climate change
– Introduction to ecosystem services

Cluster: Eduction soil investigation and archeology

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):