Cluster: Developing Buildings & Landscapes 2

A beautiful 2-acre forest is being converted into a food forestry to increase biodiversity & growing local crop. This forest houses a robust building which will be renovated sustainably. The building will contain a cooking studio, a meeting room and a lab. The aim of this building is to bring people into contact with nature. How can we use nature to bring about change? With learning by experience.

For this project we are looking for people who can research how to renovate the building in a circular manner – Which products are innovative, where can we find them and does it fit within budget?

How can we recruit & retain volunteers – Give people a nice, meaningful day. When does that happen? How can you get people involved?

How can we connect nature with people РThrough experience you learn, but how does it last? How can we do that? How can we combine the real world with a game? How do you extend someone’s visit to STEK?

How are we going to map the current terrain and how do we bring history to life – what happened in the past? Who lived here? What traces can you observe? And why is history important? Can you interest people, connect with this place? how?