Predicting Archaeology 5 – Then we’ll do it ourselves!

Archaeological research is an important part of the preparation in infrastructural plans and construction plans. Antea Group is a major player in the field of engineering and consultancy services, and as part of this also carries out all phases of archaeological research. But Antea Group does more than that: we also dream of how we can visualize our heritage with the latest technology in the context of today’s questions. That is why we would like to work together with you and the preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven in Predicting Archeology 5 on sharing research innovation in archeology with the wider public!

Under the Treaty of Faro, our archaeologists and those of the museum face the challenge of bringing the profession of archeology to the wider public in a more tangible and concrete way in the coming years. In fact, we see it as our challenge to involve the public in our daily practices and to have research carried out with them and by them. If we are allowed to experience the wonder and involvement with the heritage, then we have done our job well. The museum is currently setting up a laboratory where one can get acquainted with the daily practice of “the archaeologist” in a playful yet well-founded manner.
Central to this is the search for answers and new questions. As archaeologists, technology always enables us to obtain new puzzle pieces and to put existing puzzle pieces in a new light.

From our students we expect an open mind and a curiosity about each other’s points of view and working method. A good dose of creativity is an advantage and thinking outside the box is a must.
Together with the museum and our archaeologists, we will film ourselves and collect our data, both underground and from the air, and you will model it together in a digital environment.

Cluster: Eduction soil investigation and archeology

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):