The strategic development of Tendering 3.0

Bison code: L.28214

Government and semi-government have to tender contracts above a certain EMVI (economically most advantageous tender) value. Roughly speaking, this means that they want a price and an action plan and choose their partners on that basis. This also means that it is not always the cheapest party that wins, but that they also look at which party has a good plan.

Just over 10 years ago, the large construction companies also had to deal with these tenders. They approached these processes from a technical point of view and came up with bulky documents with technical information (tendering 1.0). As a communications agency, we came into contact with these tenders and believed that things had to change. We developed a new way of tendering, in which we look at what the customer really wants and write a readable plan for the people who ultimately decide (tendering 2.0).

In the past 10 years, our approach has proven to work and has been adopted by all major builders and a dozen other agencies. However, we believe it is time for the next step (tendering 3.0). And in order to develop this, a multidisciplinary and, above all, fresh look at the situation is required from young people.

People in construction and communication have been thinking for years about how best to approach a tender. We believe that the golden egg does not lie with these industries, but that the best idea can come from a surprising angle.

So, how can construction companies excel at participating in EMVI tenders?

Note: We consider having little understanding of the construction world and EMVI tenders to be an advantage.

Cluster: Future Economics

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