Smart Water (re)use for Fountains and Climateproof Squares

Clean water is an increasingly scarce resource worldwide. Many countries have problems providing sufficient drinking water, which until recently was not a problem we faced in the Netherlands. Due to prolonged drought, heavy rainfall, increasing pollution and increasing demand the current Dutch (centralized) water system is reaching its limits.

With climate change leading to an increase in days with (extremely) high temperatures, urban areas are often a few degrees warmer in summer than in the countryside. The effect that concrete and stones heat up more than greenery creates heat stress. In cities with a lot of heat stress there is more violence and other crimes plus people are unhealthier.

Cities are looking into how fountains and climate proof squares with lots of greenery can both reduce heat stress and be a pleasant place for residents to recreate and cool off on hot days. Fountains and water play areas for children are effective and popular elements. As water play are currently operated with drinking water the challenge is to have access to sufficient water of the right quality for fountains and climate proof squares and (re)use that as efficiently as possible during the dry and hot summer days.

During this project, you research the possibilities for maximum (re)use of local available water and map out potential risks that might affect the water quality, set up a water quality monitoring program and devise measures to contain these risks (design and/or purification).

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):