Groundwater sensoring and climate change

Bison code: L.28282

Climate change is a very urgent societal and political topic. One of the aspects that the Netherlands, and particularly the eastern part of the country needs to deal with is extreme periods of drought. This leads to lower ground water levels, and leads to the drying out of agricultural crops, land subsidence and problems with foundations of buildings and infrastructural works.

Antea group consultancy and engineering and the research groups NanoBio and Soil&Underground work together on solutions to deal with groundwater and droughts. The objective is to develop a so-called “Groundwater-radar”. This is a sensor-system that continuously monitors the level of groundwater, and informs governments, house-owners, farmers, etcetera, such that they are able to take proper actions and precautions.

In this project specifically, we want to focus on the development of a low-cost sensor prototype that can be installed on a standard tube that is now used for measuring the groundwater level. This sensor needs to be small, cost-effective, robust, self-powering, and able to transmit data to a central receiver. Furthermore, data analysis tools need to be developed that are able to visualize the received data in a user-friendly way and that can be used by stakeholders to take appropriate actions.

Previous groups have started to develop a sensor package with basic communication, this needs to be further developed and tested in a controlled setting with data transport to the Anteagroup data cloud.

Cluster: Remote Sensing and Soil Measurements 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):