Cluster: Developing Buildings & Landscapes 1

Traditional renovation approaches for existing residential buildings are too cost and time intensive for large-scale application. To achieve the goal of a CO2 neutral built environment by 2050, the production of renovation packages needs to be industrialized and automated, as well as its production and installation cost reduced.

The need to reduce costs does require us to re-evaluate current construction norms and standards. One example is the re-evaluation of the use of window frames. Window frames have the function to hold the individual panes of glass in place and fixate the window into the wall of a building.
Window frames represent a significant  part of the costs of the wall panels. The questions we want you to address when accepting this project are: “Do windows need a frame? … and, are there feasible options for windows without frame?”. The focus should not only lie on windows without moveable parts, but also on windows with top hung and casements