UriSens: Sensing in urine as you go to the toilet

Bison code: L.28275

Novio Pelvic BV in Almelo has developed the Robot Toilet, which is able to detect a patient and subsequently adjusts the bidet seat automatically to their needs. It has an integrated flowmeter that automatically measures the amount of urine, as a function of time, which the patient produces. This is valuable information for patients that suffer from dysfunctional urination problems.

In this project, the NanoBio group, in close collaboration with Novio Pelvic, wants to look into sensor technologies that can be integrated within the Robot Toilet and are able to determine the composition of urine. This can include global parameters such as temperature, pH, turbidity, but also the detection of specific molecular biomarkers which indicate inflammation or the onset of specific diseases. Or maybe the detection of bacteria and viruses (eg. SARS-CoV-2).

Activities in this project include:

– research on what can be measure in urine (literature, existing sensors)
– research into what is needed from a medical perspective
– realization of a demonstrator sensor (with integration in the toilet)
– testing the sensor in a practical situation

Novio Pelvic want to develop a first application of the Robot Toilet in nursing homes, which is the main focus within this project. However, the application is not limited to this, and other applications should certainly be explored as well.

Cluster: Health Sensoring