Building a Community of Practice with Healthy, Vital Companies

To be successful in their market, companies need to stimulate the health and vitality of their employees. We need your ideas and creativity on how you can contribute to the vitality and productivity of the labor force in Twente. The client offers service and advice for organizations in Twente that want to support the health and work ability of their employees. We call ourselves the work ability specialist in Twente. We want to connect with relations who are also convinced that a sustainable and healthy work environment is important, for example in a (digital?) environment in which we can share information and experiences and learn from each other. Our clients (mainly Human Resource Managers) ask for this environment as a follow-up to our training, so that they can stay connected: a community! We don’t know yet what the needs and requirements for such a community are and how to let it function in an optimal way.

So, what we want to know:
– what are proven factors and ingredients for successful business communities?
– how can physical therapists and other health professionals link their services to the needs of companies?
– how do clients/companies perceive the commercial value of sharing solutions for work ability?
– which evidence based interventions to improve physical work conditions and work ability can be implemented?
– how do HR-managers perceive the contribution of leadership to vitality and productivity?
– what do stakeholders from different disciplines need in order to communicate effectively?

Cluster: Community

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):