Cluster: Past and Future Landscapes

New legislation in heritage focuses on participation of local communities in the care for and use of heritage. This project revolves around local early industrial heritage which is a relatively new topic in The Netherlands. In this project, you will be able to set an example with the research and presentation of the smithy of Hitland.

The students have to prepare and carry out an excavation together with the volunteers of Park Hitland. The excavation will be supervised by a Senior KNA-Archaeologist and result in an excavation report. The construction of the building has to be reconstructed and visualized in a 3D-model and a maquette. The reconstructions have to be used in an exhibition and presentation in the website of Park Hitland. The aforementioned exhibition of the results of the excavation also needs to be prepared, possibly in cooperation with ArcheoHotSpots. Last but not least, the results have to be presented in a sustainable manner for tourists visiting Park Hitland for example in an ESRI-StoryMap.