Health Tech Learning Community

Bison code: L.28271 (for GT: L.28272)

At Saxion’s School of Healthcare, healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists) of the future are trained. Important competences to be learned lie in the areas of care, communication, collaboration, coordination, research and innovation. But also learning to implement, lead and supervise technological innovations in healthcare is an important competence that requires attention in the training of our future healthcare professionals. Technology can no longer be ignored in supporting health and healthy behavior. This also concerns mobile technology that can be used at home and by clients themselves, also known as ambulatory care technology.

An important point of attention in health care is the self-management of the client. The use of ambulatory care technology can support this. It is important that the healthcare professional knows which ambulatory care technology is available, what you can do with it, and how to use it. Education already devotes the necessary attention to ambulatory care technology, but this is largely limited to theory and conceptual issues. Gaining practical experience in the application of ambulatory care technology is provided to a limited extent. There is still a lot to be done in this regard to improve education. Starting with drawing better attention to which technology is available at Saxion, and by highlighting what you can do with it, and how it works. That is why we have started developing a blackboard course to make this visible. Some inspiring clips of existing ambulatory care technology have now been placed on it. However, we are still looking at how to further shape this blackboard course as part of a learning environment to be developed further, with the concept name “Health Tech Learning Community”. We want to further expand this learning environment and interweave it with education. Help from our own students is more than welcome.

In the second semester of 2020-2021, a Smart Solutions project has already conducted research among teachers on how to further shape this learning environment. In the first semester of 2021-2022, we want to elaborate on this and also investigate how students should design this learning environment. In order to develop the learning environment, we have several questions. We would like to have more insight in the opinion of students on what the learning community should look like, with questions such as: ‘What are the needs of students regarding learning with technology? Which facilities do they need?

Cluster: Future Education 2