Health literacy and inequalities: empowering Deventer’s citizens by supporting professionals

Bison code: L.28269 (for GT: L.28270)

The central aim of the Dutch policy for health and care is focused on living longer in good health and to minimize health inequalities. People with a lower social economic position have a lower life expectancy. Health literacy and digital health literacy are of influence on health and on participation in society. In Deventer, different projects are on the way to improve literacy, in order to empower inhabitants to take more control over their own life.

This project is a follow-up of earlier projects. In the spring of 2021, one group of the CityLab has explored policies of different organizations regarding health inequalities. A second group explored tools for healthcare professionals to recognize low (health) literacy of clients. After recognizing low health literacy, professionals need to adjust their actions, but how? This is a complex question which needs an interdisciplinary solution which is based on expertise of health and care, but also on technology and (digital) communication.

In this project,  students will develop (digital) tools to support healthcare professionals with knowledge, attitude and skills to tailor their care to the needs of people with low health literacy.

Cluster: Deventer Past and Future

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):