Escape room: designing an escape room to make new employees familiar with healthcare technology

Bison code: L.28267 (for GT: L.28268)

Liberein is a healthcare organization which provides care and treatment for elderly people, both in nursing homes and patients’ homes. Liberein always embraces new employees. As part of their onboarding trajectory, new employees get information about the organization, its vision and the working procedures. Liberein also finds it important that technology becomes a normal part of providing care. Liberein wants new employees to experience the opportunities of healthcare technology in a fun and attractive way. Therefore, Liberein wants to develop an escape room in which new employees can experience healthcare technology solutions for typical patients of Liberein, e.g., dementia, Korsakov, somatic problems, and geriatric rehabilitation. We can imagine that these typical problems need to be solved by using physical e-health technology or virtual technology or augmented reality or even a combination of these. For example, a patient is showing absent behavior. A solution can be, this is a diabetic and we inject insulin with the help of augmented reality, or this is a person suffering from dementia and  Tessa –the flowerpot- needs to be programmed in a certain way, etc. In this way, problems of typical Liberein patients are tackled with healthcare technologies in both physical, virtual or augmented reality ways. By designing a real escape room, new employees are ‘forced’ to work together as part of their social introduction.

Cluster: Future Education 2