Dokter Bibber 3.0 – Blended learning for professional nursing skills

Bison code: L.28265 (for GT: L.28266)

Liberein is a healthcare organization which provides care and treatment for elderly people, both in nursing homes and patients’ homes. For their professional registration, (district) nurses have to practice and test their professional skills on a regular basis, i.e., catheterization, injection, PEG / gastric tube, bandaging, etc. These are the so called ‘voorbehouden en risicovolle handelingen’

Nowadays, practicing and testing these skills is done with a dummy or with real patients. Both aren’t ideal: real patients aren’t always available for the specific skill (and not always willing to be used as a test subject) and the dummy doesn’t interact with the nurse in a naturalistic way. Virtual Reality might be a solution to solve the gap.

In our opinion, training and testing professional nursing skills with real patients, dummy’s and VR all have their own added value. Moreover, we also want these ‘patients’ to have the characteristics of our patients, suffering from dementia, Korsakov, geriatric rehabilitation and so on.

Therefore, we want to develop an educational environment and programme in which different methods of learning are combined to simulate Liberein’s patients; blended learning for professional nursing skills or medical activities.

Cluster: Future Education 1