Designing a living room for people with dementia an severe problematic behaviour, and measuring people’s responses

Bison code: L.28263 (for GT: L.28264)

Liberein is a healthcare organization which provides care and treatment for elderly people, both in nursing homes and patients’ homes.

The amount of people suffering from dementia is growing fast. Nowadays, we see that more and more people with dementia show extreme problematic behaviour, e.g., aggression. We know that these kinds of behaviour can be triggered by various stimuli (sounds, images, noise, light, colour, odours, movement, etc.). Therefore, we want to experience and learn the effect of various stimuli on an individual’s behaviour. We will do this by adjusting various stimuli in the living room of a person suffering from dementia, and studying his/her responses to the stimuli.

We are going to build dedicated rooms for people with dementia, in which we can experience and learn what their responses are to the various stimuli. We are looking for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ responses of an individual to stimuli. With this knowledge, we can try to avoid stimuli that provoke problematic behaviour in ‘normal’ daily living. At the same time, we want to use the stimuli that trigger ‘positive’ behaviour. So, we are interested in identifying specific individual responses. After having studied the person with dementia in this ‘experimental living room’, this information will be used to adjust the home environment of the person with dementia and his treatment plan.

The project is about designing relevant and adjustable stimuli in a dedicated living room for people with dementia and severe problematic behaviour, and measuring their responses.

We want all relevant stimuli to be available in this experimental room, in an adjustable way. For example, the image on the wall can change from the village people used to live in, to a window view with woods by using a projector. In the same way, sounds, lights, and even odours can be available.

This project is the follow-up of a Smart Solutions Semester that is being performed at the moment. Based upon the results of the first project, the definition of the second project will be determined.

Cluster: Elderly Care 2