UriSens: Sensing in urine as you go to the toilet

The client has developed the Robot Toilet, that is able to detect the presence of a patient and subsequently adjusts the seat automatically. It has an integrated flowmeter that automatically measures the amount of urine the patient produces as a function of time. This is valuable information for patients that suffer from urination problems.

The client wants to develop a first application of the Robot Toilet in nursing homes, which is the main focus within this project. However, the application is not limited to this; other applications should be explored as well. Just imagine: an automatic sensing system built into your toilet, that measures your urine automatically every time you go for a pee. The system would be able to early diagnose the onset of inflammations, diseases and the presence of bacteria and viruses (corona as an example) in your urine. It would send this information to your phone and inform you whether you need to see a doctor.

Activities in this project include:
– research on what can be measured in urine (literature, existing sensors);
– research into what is needed from a medical perspective;
– realization of a demonstrator sensor (with integration in the toilet);
– testing the sensor in a practical situation.

Cluster: Health & Nanotechnology

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):