Cluster: Security & Evidence

For a forensic researcher with current methods for analysing fingerprints at a crime scene, it is not possible yet to make a connection between the time frame in which the crime was committed and the age of the fingerprints present. In this 3S project, you are going to be involved in developing a new technique for dating fingerprints in which the Saxion research groups NanoBio and Advanced Forensic Technology are involved, as well as the University of Twente, National Police, Police Academy and several private companies. For this new method, we want to use functionalised quantum dots (small nanoparticles which can emit fluorescent light) which will be chemically linked to aging biomarkers present in the fingerprints. In this project you will be investigating biomarkers for aging, optimising production of quantum dots, analysing quantum dots and in a later phase functionalising of quantum dots, and investigating of methods for visualisation (smartphone) and analysis of the fingerprints.