Make it greater than what the eyes can see

Bison code: L.28261

The City Campus of Deventer, also called de Kien. The place where talent and tech come together. Here, we work on socially relevant, technological challenges in the areas of care, education, climate and the organization of our country. De Kien forms the gateway to the knowledge axis of Deventer, due to its location at the station near the city center and the established IT and TECH companies. The area is roughly the Handelskade, station area and Keizerstraat. More info:

The surroundings of the Kien are interesting both above and below ground. But what can we see and how can we make that visual? Investigate what can be found in this area: above the ground, below the ground, now and in the past. Think of the use of new techniques such as remote sensing, digital measurement and Augmented and Virtual Reality. Let environment, research and visitors come together by digitally measuring the area and create an attractive visual representation for exhibiting, for example. This may be possible via 3D printing or in a digital environment or a combination of both. Also consider creating the necessary attention by means of marketing. In addition, we would like you to think about making the end product interesting for the young target group (students and young professionals).

Cluster: Deventer Past and Future