Application, maintenance and LCA /Afterlife for wood protection

We live in a time when sustainability and bio-based construction are becoming increasingly important. Building with wood is also becoming increasingly popular and with it, wood protection. The objective of the project is that the students who choose this for the project will gain more knowledge about working with wood, how wood protection works, which construction-related applications are suitable for wood from the different protection methods, which environmental aspects play a role, get acquainted with LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) and on the basis of this make an assessment to what extent which method can be called sustainable. They also have to come up with solutions for the wood after its expected life span.

All in all, a nice project with a good dose of guidance from the field, including a number of excursions. At the end the students have more knowledge of wood preservation, the different applications, the environmental impact, what an LCA is and how to draw it up and which factors play a role.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):