Designing and prototyping a platform for athletics fans

Bison code: L.28260

FBK Games Hengelo is one of the biggest athletics gathering in the world. World- & Olympic Champions shine in the FBK Stadion each year and inspire athletics fans (and young talents). Broadcasted in over 100 countries, fans from around the globe are able to follow the action.

Dutch athletics is doing very well, with over 40 athletes going to the Olympics in Tokyo, with serious changes on medals. FBK Games invested a lot in innovation over the last few years: more entertainment, the introduction of the ‘Wavelight’, the Solar-race, and this year the full production of a second screen, giving fans an unforgettable experience. Although FBK has invested a lot, it is still a struggle to maintain long-time partnerships, due to the fact that FBK is a once a year event.

In our new Strategic Plan (FBK Games 2030), a stronger and more continuous relationship with athletics fans is a number one priority. One of the big ideas is to design and build a platform on which fans of Dutch Athletics find everything they want to know. They can follow the action (Diamond League, Continental Tour Gold, Championships, etc), they can follow the news and they can follow their heroes (social media, interviews, special events, live-events, etc).

To be successful, the platform has to have the right content, that is now owned or distributed to several rightsholders (f.i: Ziggo is rightsholder for the Diamond League in the Netherlands). Rightsholders are very interested in the platform, so cooperation can be successful if mutual interests are served. The platform needs sustainable financial prospects. The business case has to be developed, including attractive business proposals. A working prototype is very much needed, to give potential investors and partners an insight of what could be.

The platform has to contribute to the continuity of FBK Games, by making stronger connection with athletics fans in the Netherlands and around the globe. And last, but not least, partners like Atletiekunie have to be involved in the development and launching of the platform.

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