People’s Experiences of European City Squares

Bison code: L.28258

The municipality of Deventer is interested to learn what value, or meaning, people attach to the squares (or plazas, Plätze, pleinen) across Europe. How do people experience these squares in terms of atmosphere, design, activities, shops and what are the effects of smart city elements on people? Which elements fit the public squares in Deventer?

It would be expected that results can be formulated based on literature research, expert-interviews or other data collection methods. The project should take into account the opinions, experiences and interests of visitors, inhabitants and entrepreneurs like retailers, cafés and restaurants.

How the outcomes of this project, including best practices, can be communicated will be decided together (e.g. a report, video, e-magazine). The outcomes will be used to develop a plan for the public squares in Deventer.

Cluster: Experience Buildings & Environment 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):