Cooperation makes the museum of the future

Bison code: L.28241

Erfgoed Gelderland supports a lot of small/medium museums in Gelderland. These museums are struggling to find a future-proof business case. The museums are run by a mix of a small paid staff and  a lot of volunteers. The volunteers are older than 65 and getting older. For some of the volunteer staff it is difficult to keep up with demands of the public (more interactivity, more immersiveness, more online activity). The audience is getting older too (or is that one of the opportunities?). Our hypothesis is that when a few museums cooperate they will have a stronger position. We want to take the museums in Noord-Veluwe as an example. We would like to get an overview of all opportunities for the Veluws Museum Hagedoorns Plaatse (content, business structure, resources, sustainability). Which of these opportunities will make the museum future proof and can they be strengthened by cooperating with other museums, such as Museum Het Pakhuis Ermelo? Which business model would be advised? And what makes cooperation successful? Is it possible to make a showcase at Veluws Museum Hagedoorns Plaatse that shows the cooperation with Museum Het Pakhuis and can this be an example for other museums. We would like you to do research as well as come up with solutions, as practical and feasible as possible.

Cluster: Future Tourism 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):