How to improve an urban environment: The Sustainable Start to Connect, Experience, Join Forces and Consume

Bison code: L.28239

The attractiveness of city centers and shopping areas is essential for the success of entrepreneurs in the retail sector. Moreover, attractive and safe shopping areas improve the liveability for both the inhabitants and visitors of urban areas. At this moment there is a decline in the number of people that visit (urban) shopping areas and the pandemic has resulted in an additional negative influence. Entrepreneurs need help to realize a turnaround for this trend.

The mission of the company ‘the 5 O’s’ is to improve the environment for entrepreneurs and residents. There is a close cooperation between the research group ‘regionale ontwikkeling en retail’ and the 5 O’s. The company and the research group would like to join with you in the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for customers, residents and entrepreneurs. Creating an optimal experience for the customer is essential for the idea that needs to be developed. The project team needs to develop ‘out of the box’ solutions that will improve the customer experience of shopping areas and thus result in a higher turnover for the retail shops involved. The research focusses on shopping areas in Deventer, Almelo/Hengelo and Enschede/Zwolle.

Research question: How can the customer experience and liveability of shopping/city centers in Deventer, Almelo/Hengelo, Enschede/Zwolle be improved?

Cluster: Experience Buildings & Environment 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):