Awaves – DJ with artificial intelligence

Bison code: L.28238

We are Awaves, a student startup  on the campus of the University of Twente. We are building a DJ with artificial intelligence. This artificial DJ forms the basis of our Awaves Play party app, a music streaming service that will take the music experience at student house parties to a higher level. We bring the DJ to your living room.

Check out our 1min pitch. We want to build the world’s best DJ with AI, to capture all aspects of “DJ-ness” into code. Our final goal is to partner up with Armin van Buuren, and scale our DJ’s all over the world in our music streaming app Awaves Play.

Awaves Lab
Here, we develop state of the art A.I. technology that is able to compete with Spotify. This type of R&D is the sole purpose of Awaves Lab.

Awaves World
Next to our technology, we also strongly believe in making this technology available in a creative way. Awaves World designs a whole universe for our artificial DJ’s, to give them a face, a name, a history, and a specific DJ style.

For the Smart Solutions project we are looking for a team of students that can help us find new markets for our A.I. DJ technology. This means validating user needs (for example in clubs, bars or gyms), prototyping a solution (software related), designing a user interface, and setting up a marketing strategy and finding launching customers.

There are several elements in that product design cycle:

  • Design, to expand the creative concept and prototype a UI.
  • Marketing to set up social media and a small digital marketing campaign.
  • Sales, to get out and talk to potential customers, maybe find a launching customer.
  • IT, to understand how our back-end works and how to access our API to quickly build an MVP of the product for testing.

All this comes together in an experience of what it’s like to build a software product in a startup context. We are looking for students with a good work ethic who want to experience what it’s like to work in a technical and creative startup environment. No 9-5 here, but a lot of freedom and adventure.

Cluster: Future Entertainment