Future-proof holiday parks: sustainable, high-tech & profitable 1

Bison code: L.28235


Many holiday parks have pre-existing characteristics of aging and deterioration; for example, many holiday homes date from the 1970s and 1980s. There is a need for innovation to remain competitive as a regional leisure destination. From a sustainability perspective, holiday parks face major challenges, reinforced by the financial-economic risks that innovations entail. Although many sustainable projects have already been started in the Netherlands, a complete vision of sustainable and circular holiday parks is still lacking.


The innovation project ‘Future-proof Holiday Parks: sustainable, high-tech and profitable’ provides a decision-support system to entrepreneurs of holiday parks. The system serves as a source of information and inspiration for the market so that holiday parks can be managed and (re) developed as sustainably as possible. The system took shape in the website www.innoverde.nl last year and should be further optimized. On the one hand, with information that provides holiday parks with insight into how best to tackle the issue of the energy transition. On the other hand, by adding benchmark data, business models and ease of use to the website.


The project ‘Future-proof Holiday Parks: sustainable, high-tech and profitable’ should provide insight into the critical success and failure factors that determine the feasibility of sustainable holiday parks. The project gives the entrepreneur a practical tool with which he can choose the most sustainable / circular solution for each part of the holiday park. All this to set up holiday parks for the future.

A sustainable future that contributes to keeping tourism and recreation in Gelderland and Overijssel healthy. The Smart Solution Project can make a major and important contribution to this!

What innovative possibilities does a holiday park have in terms of its energy supply and which possibilities and constraints influence the implementation of the proposed innovation through energy transition?

Cluster: Future Tourism 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):