Cluster: Future Tourism

Most cities focus on sending information to their target audience and then wait for results. In Oldenzaal, we want to interact with our (potential) visitors. Visitors can be habitants, tourist or passers-by.
On an online platform (mobile first) we would like visitors to give us their information/interests. With this data we provide them with suggestions on what to do in Oldenzaal or the region. At the same time they get information that suits their interests. But mostly people aren’t keen about getting unasked messages. Therefore, we want to challenge them to participate in some funny or exiting games. This can be a pop-up quiz, a weekly poll, or another appealing method. By participating they can gain points, credits, money, unlock levels, build on a avatar, etc.

Now this is were you come into the picture! This is a project for innovators, for those who see the business value of gamification, or who are excellent in taking ideas to the next (operational) level.

Main goal of the project is to come with a realistic business model, an effective marketing plan, a beta version of the ‘game’ and a investment plan. There is already budget available and you will cooperate with successful companies in the field of gamification, IT development and marketing.