Make the CTRLab a living lab for Deventer!

Bison code: L.28233

In Deventer, HBO-ICT will soon open the CTRLab: a laboratory for students to collaborate on projects with companies, research groups, and other study programs. This will be a place to investigate software solutions for smart environments, visualize data, optimize networks, etc.

We are looking for students to make the CTRLab a living lab! Are you interested in creating a smart lab that can monitor and show things like people activity, environmental quality, and energy consumption in the Saxion Deventer buildings? Then read on and sign up!

The goal of the research group Ambient Intelligence is to make environments smart by making the invisible visible. At the CTRLab, we see the perfect opportunity for students to collaborate with our researchers to make the CTRLab a living lab! In our research, we develop sensor-based solutions that acquire data, process these using AI and machine learning, and visualize them using virtual and augmented reality. This approach is also well-suited to the concept of ‘smart buildings’: buildings that ‘know’ what is going on and can respond to this. This requires sensors to measure things such as air quality, temperature, room occupancy, and energy consumption. These measurements then need to be stored in a secure manner, so this calls for a solid data warehouse. Furthermore, to make this data accessible and visible, we foresee a need to access and visualize them, for example, in an intuitive dashboard.

Making the CTRLab smart should help students and facility management to optimally use the buildings. They will know when rooms are occupied, whether the atmosphere is to their liking, and the data can assist in locating possible issues and solving them. This way, the CTRLab will act as a sort of control room to monitor Saxion Deventer.

This project calls for a multidisciplinary team of students to tackle it holistically: from sensor selection (there are many IoT platforms available) to software integration and connectivity (data warehousing and APIs) and data visualization (interactive dashboards, accessible on location and from home). The first step will be to design the solution on a small scale: the living lab itself, which can be outfitted with many sensors of which the data should be stored and visualized. Over the course of the project, there are many opportunities for design decisions, so we are looking forward to collaborate with students eager to give their personal touch to the CTRLab!

Cluster: Sensor Technology