Assist farmers in precision agriculture under new climate conditions

Bison code: L.28232

AgriWatch offers geospatial solutions for Precision Agriculture (PA). We are focusing on affordable applications of remote and local sensing data, collected for PA under new climate conditions such as drought, to assist and advise farmers. For the monitoring of drought effects, most data will be coming from remote sensing data including satellite, drone, and ground data (including our SpectroCam sensor), and processed to various levels of relevant parameters.

The agricultural sector in the Eastern part of the Netherlands is at a turning point. Climate change increases the risk of adverse weather conditions, the length and frequency of drought periods/extreme heat, resulting in poor harvests with great impact especially on Twente farmers (in sandy soil).

In this context, our objective is to assist and enable farmers to act on climate change through a participatory approach as a partner instead of just being a subject of research. By making expert knowledge accessible through a platform, we can transfer large amounts of satellite and drone data under new climate conditions into useful information for farmers and related parties.

The general objective of this project is to develop a knowledge portal for PA to provide a reliable crop condition assessment, such as the effects of climate change resulting in drought; this will be achieved through the application of:

(i)         Satellite, drone, and ground sensor data,

(ii)         Computer-assisted analysis techniques,

(iii)        Online participatory planning system.

Forming a knowledge portal and customized Apps with proper interfaces will directly involve farmers in an online platform co-design. This can be used for building a prediction and early warning system, integrating remote sensing (satellite and drone platforms) data, GIS data, and expert knowledge. As such, an important feature of the platform to be developed in the ‘’Smart Solutions Semester’’ is web applications and digital tools (through research) designed for farmers to capture and edit location-based data/information.

Societal aspects:

  • The project aims towards increased awareness of the environment and the entire agri-food chain of society.
  • A participatory online system is a useful tool for engaging the farmers and brings the public closer to a participatory planning system.

Cluster: Remote Sensing and Soil Measurements 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):