Making the company Silk-ka bv more sustainable

In the context of the topic sustainability, Silk-ka has started a process with the objective of operating CO2 neutrally in the future. Silk-ka wants to do business as transparently as possible and also wants to give something back to people, the environment and society. Ultimately, Silk-ka wants to work towards a B-Corp certification.
Silk-ka BV is a wholesaler in artificial flowers and plants in the Netherlands. We mainly serve the middle and high segment of the market. Silk-ka designs 2 new collections per year. These are presented at various international fairs (Maison & Objet, Ambiente) and in our own showroom in Hengelo.

All products are produced and purchased from a number of different suppliers in China. The products consist of different materials such as polyethylene, polyester, polystyrene, iron wire, glue and paint.
The products are shipped in cartons, usually by sea freight, to the warehouse in Hengelo. These items are then sold and shipped all over the world via road transport, sea freight and air freight.

We would therefore like to support the process of making Silk-ka more sustainable as a company in general.
As part of this, we would like to gain insight into the current CO2 footprint of the products from design to delivery. In addition, we would like to receive advice on minimising this CO2 footprint.

As another specific component, we would like to know to what extent our current products are recyclable.

Cluster: Sustainable Entrepreneurship

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):