Securing with sensors

If someone is threatened, security is needed. The goal of this project is to make this security as efficient as possible. This requires research into sensors that can detect substances that indicate danger, such as explosives. In addition, these sensors must be read out in real time and the data must be processed into tangible information for the police.

This project is a new project, but it does build on an earlier project in which the aforementioned sensors were developed into a working demonstrator. A further development of these sensors is necessary, it may also be necessary to adjust the developed sensors for the application that is desired for this project.

For this it is useful to have chemical knowledge in-house, to understand the operation of the sensors and possibly to adjust them. Knowledge of product designs also comes in handy for adjusting the made demonstrator. In addition, electrical knowledge (or mechatronics) and knowledge of data analysis is desirable, because the real-time reading and processing of the produced data is still a major challenge. It is also important that the police can understand the data immediately. A complicated table with values is not a logical choice. In addition, the general investigative skills of a forensic investigator (or BML’er) can be useful to ensure that the entire process runs in a controlled manner.

Cluster: Buildings and their internal design

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):