Roadmap Circular Textiles East Netherlands 2050

Bison code: L.28227

East Netherlands (provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland) has two of the four national hubs of the Dutch Circular Textile Valley program. In Twente (Textplus), the hub focusses on high quality recycling of textiles and in Gelderland GIST (Gelderse Innovators for Sustainable Textiles in Gelderland) focusses on design for recycling and new  resources. Textile has a wide definition and includes consumer/household textiles but also very technical textiles. The ambition of both provinces is to develop a strategic roadmap for circular textiles in East Netherlands. This project will not include the whole region of East Netherlands, but will focus on the region Stedendriehoek (Clean Tech Region). The aim is to analyse all present and potential future activities concerning design, production, digitalization, collection, separation and recycling of textiles in this region and the organisations involved. Based on the analysis, the possible cooperation of the two hubs mentioned should be formulated, the obstacles (financial, technical, organizational, legal etc.) that have to be faced should be discussed and measures to overcome these obstacles should be developed in a plan.

Cluster: Circular Production

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):